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CreativeMornings/St. Louis [WATER]

March's Theme is WATER.

💧 “If we don’t protect our waters, then what will happen to life?”

This month’s #CMwater theme was chosen by CreativeMornings/Perth and illustrated by Sofia Varano ( We’re exploring WATER with 196 other CreativeMornings chapters around the world this month.

Our Featured Speaker is Jayson Wells.

Jayson Wells is a retired professional basketball player who has an incredible story to share. Jayson graduated from Indiana State University with a degree in Sport Management. He then went on to play professional basketball for 13 seasons. Since retiring from basketball, he’s run his own Skill Development Academy in Atlanta, collaborated with international brands like Nike and Spalding, and has coached and developed some of the top-rated athletes in the world.

Now, he is fulfilling his PURPOSE by taking on the role as an Enhancement Coach to ‘Develop Extraordinary Winners’.