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Recipes for Love

  • Whisk: A Sustainable Bakeshop (map)

Caitlin Metz has curated and illustrated a collection of narratives, poems, stories and directions for different kinds of love from ten different humans. From polyamorous love, to love of food, self love, loving someone with mental illness and more. It's raw and messy, light hearted and heavy. 

Each kind of love represented is illustrated in a small book. These books will be on display, and available for purchase. Come expand the ideas you have about how and where love exists. Leave the worn trope of maiden in destress/prince charming/heartbreak/waiting/misery and come celebrate the rich complexity of community + connection we find when we release expectation, embrace duality, contradictions and the unknown.

Come meet the brilliant humans behind this project. Get a cup of tea and read their stories.

Featuring words + stories from the following

Gloria Day
Alyson Thompson
Ashlee Bennett
De Nicols
Jared Rourke
Kristen Trudo
Victoria Emanuela
Kaylen Wissinger
Kirsten Metz
E King

Illustrated and curated by Caitlin Metz