Silver Space
A Collaborative Creative Network in St. Louis, MO

About Silver Space

Learn about Silver Space, a space for creative collaboration, networking, making, doing, and thinking. Located in St. Louis, Missouri.


About silver space

Welcome to Silver Space, your source for all things creative and collaborative happening in St. Louis! Our mission is to provide a platform for artists of all backgrounds and disciplines from the Midwest to show and connect with one another. We aim to develop an inclusive, generative community backed by resources like portfolio critiques, local meet ups, and on site representation. Silver Space will become a locus for networking and opportunities, connecting artists and creatives.

Our name is a tribute to Warhol's Silver Factory. In it's heyday, the Factory was a place filled with revolutionaries who changed the course of advertising, art, music, and ultimately culture. A confluence of visionaries and ideas, the Factory allowed for collaboration. Silver Space expands upon that premise. We prioritize creative conduction and a symbiotic relationship between artists of different disciplines.

In an age of abundance, art has become evermore accessible, but building a network and exploring a career can be extremely confusing. Silver Space will facilitate the cultivation of meaningful relationships between artists, the St. Louis community, and industry professionals.

We feature some of the most interesting creatives based in St. Louis, whose work needs to be seen. Keep checking in to see exclusive content and to follow our journey as we work alongside you to enhance opportunities for creativity in our city.


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